Gas / Air Flow sensor 100, 150, 200, 300 Liters per minute (SLM)

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Suitable For Ventilator applications

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  • 100 SLM
  • 150 SLM
  • 200 SLM
  • 300 SLM

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Gas / Air Micro Flow sensor

The F1031V flow sensor uses the thermodynamic
principle to detect flow rate of the gas medium in the flow channel, with good precision and repeatability. Temperature sensors are built-in and every one product is calibrated for temperature compensation. At the same time, it has linear analog voltage output, convenient to use.

* Measuring Range: 100, 150, 200 or 300 Standard Liters per Minute (SLM)
* Latest MEMS Sensor chip technology
* High accuracy, quick response, good repeatability
* Detection micro flow accurately
* It is calibrated completely and temperature compensated
* Main Applications
* Intensive care ventilator
* Portable ventilator

Calculation for Airflow:
Actual flow=full scale * (sensor actual output voltage-zero output voltage) / (full scale output voltage-zero output voltage)
For example: the sensor full scale is 200 SLM, the sensor zero output voltage is 0.5V and full scale output voltage is 4.5V, and the actual output is 3.5V.
Then the actual flow=200 SLM * (3.5V – 0.5V)/(4.5V- 0.5V) = 150SLM
- Cautions
1.The air inlet and air outlet of the sensor need to be equipped with long straight pipe to ensure the product’s performance. It is recommended to leave a straight pipe for the inlet with 10 times longer than the pipe diameter while the outlet will be 5 times longer.
2. If measured gas medium contains dirt, the sensor’s lifespan will be shortened. We suggest users equip the sensor flow inlet with 5 micrometer precise filter.
3. The sensitivity of the product will reduce or be damaged if it contacts to water.
4. The wrong connecting of power supply will damage the internal circuit.


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Gas / Air Flow sensor 100, 150, 200, 300 Liters per minute (SLM)

Gas / Air Flow sensor 100, 150, 200, 300 Liters per minute (SLM)

Suitable For Ventilator applications

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