Switch for liquid flow detection for 1/2 inch pipe

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Flow detection from 0.75 L/min. Allows flows of up to 6.0L / min. Designed without springs, but with magnet: it is safe and reliable. Long durability.

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*** SWITCH Switch for liquid flow detection for 1/2 inch pipes ***

1. Detection of flows of less than 0.5L ~ 1.0L / min, and allows the passage of flows of up to 6.0L / min.
2. Product designed without springs, but with the force of magnet repulsion: it is safe and reliable.
3. It can be applied electric water heater of rapid heating, which can perform the water supply, cut off and turn off the water. The effect of energy saving is remarkable.
4, Can operate more than 10 million times, with long life and reliability.

Operating principle:

The water flow switch is a very important component in the instant electric water heater. When the water inlet flows more than 0.75L / min, the circuit turns on and the water heater starts to heat up, when the water inlet stops, the water heater stops working.

The disadvantage of the traditional water flow switch of the product is that a large flow is required to activate the switch. In addition, it explains how a switch occurs over time, a wear occurs, an effect of sensitivity occurs or the impossibility of returning to the position is imposed, which is not safe and the risk of dry burning.

The magnetic floating water flow switch controls the on / off of the blade switch through the magnet to perform contactless work, which is safe and reliable.

Application of the product:

Instantaneous heating type electric water heater, heat-type electric water heater, can perform water supply and electric power supply, water supply and power supply, allowing users to bathe in a state without electricity, which guarantees the absolute safety of the bathroom.

It can also be used in air conditioners, dishwashers and several hydroelectric connections. A water flow switch, also known as flow switch, flow sensor, is used to detect a flow in a pipe or to stop an output signal to protect a product from the system.

Its structure and operating principle is based on a magnetic ring on the piston. When it is working, the water pressure pushes the piston. When the internal magnetic ring of the piston is pushed to the Reed switch position, the reed switch generates a signal. These switches have a stable performance and are widely used in various types of equipment.

The flow switch is used for water circulation control, water inlet and outlet control, water heating control, water pump switch control, solenoid valve on / off control or discharge and supply of water energy, and water supply control for electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air conditioners and other water systems. A sensor element that converts the water flow into a switched electrical signal after reaching a certain flow rate.

The flow switch consists of a magnetic core, a return flow, a copper housing for the sensor and the polycarbonate. The outer casing is made of forged copper H58 or polycarbonate, the magnetic core is made of neodymium iron boron permanent magnet and the magnetic control switch of the sensor is an imported medium power component. Both the end of the inlet and the end of the outlet are standard pipe threads G1 / 2 "inch.

Operating principle:

When the water flow in the pipe is greater than 0.75L / min, the magnetic core generates a displacement under the action of water flow and activates the magnetic source to generate a magnetic control to make the switching signal "1" of The sensor output, which is entered into the equipment control system. After the power amplification, the purpose of the water flow control is realized. When the water flow in the pipeline is less than 0.75L / min, the magnetic core pulls back the magnetic source under the action of the return performance pulse, so that the sensor emits a "0" switch signal to stop The system The flow switch has the advantages of high sensitivity and durability.

Main technical parameters:
- Appropriate ambient temperature = 1 ° C
- Appropriate working temperature = 100 ° C
- Minimum start flow = 0.75L / min
- Maximum flow = 5L / min
- Nominal working pressure = 0.65Mpa
- The maximum pressure of the shell is = 1.5Mpa
- Signal output load 24VDC / 1A, 36VAC / 1A or 220VAC / 0.1A

Range and operating conditions:
(1) Ambient temperature greater than 0 ° C. Do not hit the housing. Keep away from magnetic objects.
(2) The output of the signal is a switching amount, so the connection mode of the control object must also be a switch control relationship.
(3) The power of the control object must not be greater than the load capacity of the signal.


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Switch for liquid flow detection for 1/2 inch pipe

Switch for liquid flow detection for 1/2 inch pipe

Flow detection from 0.75 L/min. Allows flows of up to 6.0L / min. Designed without springs, but with magnet: it is safe and reliable. Long durability.