Water flow sensor Flowmeter 20-500 L / min (3 Inches) DN80

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Water flow sensor Flowmeter 20-500 L / min (3 Inches) DN80

Aluminum body
Water flow sensor. Flow meter that detects the flow of liquids from 1 liter per minute, up to 120 liters per minute. Internally it has a magnetic field Hall effect sensor that detects the movement of the blades that is generated with the passage of the liquid. Delivery to the output square pulse signal whose frequency corresponds to the flow of the liquid. Rugged mechanical design, convenient for 3 "inch piping and environmentally friendly encapsulation, easy to use.
Water pressure = 1.75MPa (Max)
Input flow from 20 to 500L / min ± 3%
Working voltage 4.5-15V CD (Red wire)
Maximum current 15mA (5VDC)
Insulation resistance> 100M ohm
Inlet and outlet tube: 3 inches
Material: Aluminum Body; PA66 Nylon turbine; SUS304 steel Axes 
Frequency of flow Hz (vertical detection) F = 0.05 * Q Where Q = liters / min
where Q is water flow
Working temperature -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
High pulse output> 4.7V (5V input voltage) (Yellow wire)
Low pulse output <0.5 V (input voltage 5V)
The duty cycle of the output pulses of 50% ± 10%

A flowmeter is an instrument used to measure flow or volumetric flow of a fluid.
Its mechanical parts consist of a mill with blades transverse to the flow circulation, which has at one end a permanent magnet. When this magnet rotates it generates a variable magnetic field that is read by a magnetic field effect sensor (Hall effect sensor), then the electronic circuit converts it into pulses that it transmits through a cable.
In another version of this type of flowmeter magnets are installed at the ends of the blades. When turning the magnets pass near a network switch that counts the pulses.
The sensor must be connected to a pulse counter as it transmits 5V square pulses through the yellow wire.

-It can be used in water dispensers
-Systems of low flow control
-They are placed in line with the pipe that carries the fluid
-Water flow through an open channel,
-Loss of hydraulic valve
-Measurement of fuel through a fuel injector.


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Water flow sensor Flowmeter 20-500 L / min (3 Inches) DN80

Water flow sensor Flowmeter 20-500 L / min (3 Inches) DN80

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